To enable the achievement of viable economic prosperity and free corruption environment in Zanzibar through prevention, public education, investigation and recovery of public assets.


Viable economic prosperity in ethical and free corruption environment.

Code of Ethics

Officers of the ZAECA will at all times uphold the good name of the Authority and:

  1. Adhere to the principles of integrity and fair play
  2. Respect the rights under the law of all people
  3. Carry out their duties without fear or favour, prejudice or ill will
  4. Act always in accordance with the law
  5. Not take advantage of their authority or position
  6. Maintain necessary confidentiality
  7. Accept responsibility for their actions and instructions
  8. Exercise courtesy and restraint in word and action
  9. Strive for personal and professional excellence

Performance Standards

We are committed to achieving the following performance standards:

  1. Respond to a report of corruption within 48 hours.
  2. Respond to a report which does not involve corruption within two working days.
  3. Respond to a request for corruption prevention advice within two working days.
  4. Respond to a request for anti-corruption education services or information within two working days.